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The Ova TV Manifesto- Welcome to her space

Ova was formed to be a place for her. Not just TV but a village that speaks to your every need. Emotional support, cultural relevance, Conscious, entertainment, financial guidance, health, fitness, food and fashion. All here in your space. Won’t you join our tribe?

Our Content Focuses On The Diversity Of Us As A Race And As Women.

– We are trendsetters, Mother, Sister. Daughter, Wife, Community Leader, The Nucleus Of The Family & The World. Most Emulated, Yet Underappreciated

–We Are Not All Cut From The Same Cloth And Our Stories vary. Like Our Skin Tones span The Full Spectrum Of The Rainbow, So Do Our Stories. From Welfare Mom To The White House And Everything In Between.

– The Media Misrepresentation Is A Well Documented Fact. Beyond Being A Source Of Mindless Entertainment.

– – Our broadcast encompasses News And Current Events, And Real Time Ova_Alerts, That Are Specific To Our Community.

– We Have Engaging Original Content, From High Concept Reality Shows, Docuseries • Court Drama’s, First Run Movies, And Current Music Videos Serviced By All Major Labels

– Exclusive Production & Broadcast Rights To National Film & Television Awards Through 2024

– E/I Content Currently In Development ; The Prodigy , Coding In The Hood And Stem By The Blocks