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While it is our policy to not accept unsolicited material from private parties, if you desire to submit completed content, please enclose the following with a wet signature and forward to the attention of our legal department. Someone will contact you once we have received your submission. UNSOLICITED MATERIAL RELEASE I acknowledge having requested an opportunity to submit to __________ (the “Producer”) certain materials and ideas (the “Materials”) relating to the Producer’s current or future business. I acknowledge that neither the Producer, nor any of its officers, directors, employees, or agents has made any offer, agreement or commitment in order to induce me to present the Materials, and none of them will have an obligation to me in connection with any use of the Materials. I represent and warrant that I am of legal age and that I have all rights to the Materials submitted and the power to convey any and all interests in the Materials submitted, free and clear of any rights, interest or liens of any third party, and I will indemnify and hold harmless the Producer and its officers, directors, agents, and employees, from and against any claims arising from a claimed breach of my representation and warranty. I hereby assign the unlimited right to use the Materials and agree that the Producer may use or not use or dispose of the Materials in any manner whatsoever and that the Producer will have all rights to subsequent development, use, and adaptation of the Materials. I hereby waive any right of approval and any claim to compensation or benefit in connection with the Materials or anything derived from the Materials, and I acknowledge that I have no right to further use the Materials or anything derived from the Materials, other than as may subsequently be agreed upon in writing. Signature:, Name (Please Print), Address and telephone number, Date.

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